Vinegar could be the answer for work kitchen spills

Add vinegar to the cleaning routine.

Add vinegar to the cleaning routine.

Whenever you have professionals coming in with cleaning carts to tidy up around the office, you want to make sure special attention is paid to the kitchen. While deep cleaning solutions can be helpful for really troublesome areas, they can harsh on the environment and people who are breathing in the fumes, like your cleaning crew.

Instead, vinegar might be a solution to a lot of cleaning problems. Bon Appetit reports that vinegar has a place in the kitchen for things other than cooking. In fact, it can be used to clean the kitchen sink, floors and even surfaces where grease and residue has built up over time. By diluting it with water, you can create an eco-friendly cleaning solution that not only cleans the surface, but also helps disinfect without the strong chemical fumes.

Not only is this great to have around the kitchen, but a bottle of vinegar could be helpful to keep in the closet on days when cleaning crews aren’t scheduled to appear. Good Housekeeping reports that vinegar can help remove unwanted stains in a carpet, by mixing it with a liquid dish detergent. This is great to have on-hand for any unexpected spills that could occur throughout the day.

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