Time to assess the cleanliness of your office

Is your cleaning routine working for you?

Is your cleaning routine working for you?

Having the right cleaning team is critical for a building manager and all of the tenants. The workplace needs to be clean for all guests and employees, so having the right team to keep things looking pristine is important.

According to Facility Executive, now is the time to make sure you have the right people on staff to handle the cleaning carts. The news provider reports that because the cleaning industry is incredibly competitive, it’s important to make sure your team is providing the best service.

Be sure to assess whether or not your cleaning team is being efficient and keeping all offices clean. It may also be the time to take a look at costs and make sure the best products are being used in order to keep bacteria at bay.

Especially during this time of year, one of the hardest things to keep clean is the floors, as people tend to track in salt and snow. CleanLink reports that one of the most common mistakes a building manager can make is not having the carpets cleaned on a more frequent basis during the winter months, as this is the time where they need the most attention to continue to look polished.

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