Stay on top of salt and keep floors looking new all winter long

Work to remove salt quickly.

Work to remove salt quickly.

With winter weather comes snow and ice, making for hazardous walkways to anyone walking around outside. Building managers will frequently try their best to remove all of the residue before someone has an accident, and will use salt to help keep the ice melted. However, the salt can be a cause for the cleaning carts to be on standby as people come into the building from the cold. reports that salt can wreak havoc on wooden floors, not only leaving a residue but could ultimately affecting the structure. The news provider reports that salt can cut into even protective coating if it’s not quickly removed, so it’s important that a cleaning crew remove salt as soon as possible. Additionally, it can cause scratches into the floor, so even after you clean it, the scratches remain.

There are quick cleaners that can help remove salt quickly. According to SF Gate, vinegar has enough acid to dissolve salt without causing any damage to the floor. Be sure to mix the vinegar with water in order to dilute it a bit. Keep the concoction on cleaning carts at all times so you’re able to act quickly when people track in salt upon entering the building.

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