Keep the office looking spotless even with all the holiday parties

Cleaning post-holiday party doesn't have to just be professional.

Cleaning post-holiday party doesn’t have to just be professional.

The winter season means a lot of holiday celebrations at work. The kitchen is frequently filled with party leftovers and other treats sent from business partners and customers. This can sometimes make things trickier for professionals with cleaning carts, as they try to keep the office space looking pristine.

However, office managers can keep some tips in mind as they host holiday festivities in the workplace that will make cleanup a bit easier for their janitorial crew. The New York Times recommends carrying around hand sanitizer when at a party, because the alcohol concentration can serve as a good makeshift stain remover. The news provider reports that it will work on everything from pen marks to food and drink spills.

Cleaning up doesn’t just have to mean getting rid of things, leftovers can also serve a purpose. For example, if your greenery is looking a little worse for wear in the office, there are ways to stay on top of it using holiday party leftovers. According to Real Simple, flat club soda is a great way to keep indoor plants hydrated, because it has phosphate, which can aid root development for the plant. This will keep your office space looking nicer longer.

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