How to choose the right carpet cleaner

Not all carpet cleaners should be treated equally.

Not all carpet cleaners should be treated equally.

When trying to clean up the office, you want to make sure your cleaning crews have the best products on their carts. While some items can be left up to personal preference, overall it’s important to do research and find out what will be the most cost efficient with the highest impact. Items where you don’t want to have inferior products include carpet cleaners, as you want to make sure you’re getting rid of stains.

Consumer Reports suggests you shop around to determine what’s the best carpet cleaner for you. The source is quick to point out that typically manufacturers will suggest that you use the same cleaning products that goes with the equipment. However, that may not be what’s best for your specific needs. Instead, have your cleaning crew try out several cleaners until they find one that best works for your building’s specific carpet and the kind of equipment they use. Making cost a component is important as well, so be sure to set budget expectations early.

Additionally, Consumer Reports’ Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide suggests when looking for carpet cleaning equipment, be sure to pay attention to extra details such as warranties and other features, because you may want to figure out what will have the longest shelf life.

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