Stop germs in their tracks in the workplace

Try and keep germs at bay as much as you can.

Try and keep germs at bay as much as you can.

Trying to stay healthy in the winter months at work can be particularly difficult for those who work with a lot of people throughout the day. Having a professional cleaning crew come in on a regular basis can be helpful because they can deep clean heavily-trafficked surfaces and try to prevent the spread of bacteria. However, it’s important to also know how to protect yourself against germs.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that while hand sanitizers may claim to be 99.9 percent effective, that may not be the case. The news provider reports that while tests in laboratories have shown that rate, real life scenarios can provide different context that does not have as much protection as it would in a sterile laboratory. Of course, people should still try to use alcohol-based sanitizers when they can to try and prevent the spread of germs in the workplace.

Also be aware of items in the workplace that could actually be crawling with germs. The Atlantic Journal Constitution reports that office coffee mugs are actually coated with germs. If you’re able to use your own reuseable one and take it to your home and clean it, it can help prevent you coming into contact with bacteria.

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