Try to stay germ-free during the holiday rush

Airports should be a focus for preventing the spread of germs.

Airports should be a focus for preventing the spread of germs.

Germs tend to run rampant the second the cold weather hits, and while people are on high alert about spreading bacteria during the holiday season, when traveling it can become difficult to avoid. Cleaning crews in airports may want to wheel their cleaning carts to specific areas and make sure they’re disinfecting places that are considered a hotbed for germs.

According to Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet, anywhere you’re checking in, whether it be on a technical device such as a tablet, or at a physical desk, there are plenty of opportunities to come into contact with germs. The tablet itself, any pens or even the counter of a check-in desk can carry a lot of germs, so travelers should make sure to use disinfecting hand wipes after coming into contact. Additionally, cleaning crews should be sure to focus on these areas as frequently as possible.

In addition to the airport itself, it’s important for cleaning crews to pay attention to the planes. CNN reports that because people are packed into planes so close together, it’s easy to spread germs. Not only that, but with multiple people flying on the same plane per day, it’s easy for a sick person to transfer germs to passengers taking a later flight if they’ve been using the tray tables or any other communal part of the seat.

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