Make cleaning a priority this flu season

Stop germs in their tracks during the flu season.

Stop germs in their tracks during the flu season.

It’s cold and flu season, which means you should be bringing in extra cleaning carts through your office to make sure you’re disinfecting all of the heavily-trafficked areas to prevent the spreading of germs. Whether it’s in a school, the doctor’s office or at work, chances are peers are sick, and it’s important to keep others from catching the illness.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that now is the time for public buildings to ramp up their efforts in disinfecting heavily trafficked areas. The news provider suggests paying extra close attention to door handles, railings, drinking fountains and any communal spaces. Even if a person doesn’t appear to be showing symptoms at the time, they could be unknowingly spreading germs to their peers. Trying to stay ahead of the game and constantly cleaning can help these issues from spreading.

U.S. News and World Report suggests knowing your germ hotspots so you can direct the cleaning crew where to focus when they’re going through their cleaning routine. Try and also leave tissues and hand sanitizer around the workplace to encourage people to use them and keep their germs from spreading. This is a great way to stop bacteria in between when the cleaning crews come in.

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