Cleaning product ingredients will soon be required

Know that's in your cleaning products.

Know that’s in your cleaning products.

When you have a professional cleaning crew using chemicals to disinfect your office space, you may not realize exactly what’s in the product. Cleaning carts are filled with solutions, but there has been a lot of concern about overexposure and what that can mean for those in charge of disinfecting the space.

However, governing bodies are stepping in to provide more transparency when it comes to what’s in cleaning products. WebMD reports California recently became the first state to require to list specific chemicals used in cleaning solutions. This was done in an effort to provide more transparency to consumers and help them understand the potential environmental and health implications of using the specific solutions. The source reports that these ingredients must be listed on the products’ websites by the year 2020 and then on labels the following year.

There are things building managers can do to help reduce the health and environmental impact cleaning products can have. For starters, they can request that their cleaning crews use ecofriendly products, which are less harsh and often do the job just as well. According to Natural News, because people on average spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s critical to reduce the amount of chemical concentration in cleaning products to avoid overexposure.

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