Prevent the spreading of germs in doctor’s offices

Work to prevent the spreading of germs between patients.

Work to prevent the spreading of germs between patients.

When heading to the doctor’s office, many patients are battling illnesses of their own, which means germs can run rampant. Bringing in a professional crew with cleaning carts filled with disinfectants can help stop germs in their tracks, but offices may want to consider educating their patients on how they can prevent themselves from becoming susceptible to germs.

The New York Times reports that even though many doctor’s offices have toys for children to play with, in an effort to prevent the spreading of germs, parents may want to consider bringing their own toys from home. This way, kids with germs can avoid using communal toys and spreading their bacteria, while healthy kids who come in for a routine checkup don’t have to come into contact with toys that may have bacteria growing on them.

The National Institutes of Health reports you should try and wash your hands as much as possible, particularly if you’re escorting a child to the doctor’s office. The news provider also reports if you or the child is particularly sick, let the receptionist know the situation, as they may be able to provide you with a separate waiting area to prevent the further spread of infection to other patients.

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