Your coffee break could be a way to spread germs

Clean the break room on a regular basis for healthy employees.

Clean the break room on a regular basis for healthy employees.

Do you have a cleaning crew come through and do a deep clean of your office kitchen on a regular basis? The highly trafficked area of the office is also a popular hot spot for germs, so it’s important to send in the professionals with cleaning carts filled with disinfecting supplies.

NDTV reports that a worker’s coffee break could be a new way to get germs, whether they realize it or not. The news provider reports that coffee cups were more likely to contain bacteria before use and 100 percent more likely after cleaning them with a kitchen sponge or dish rag. Because this is typically used on so many dishes and by so many different people, cleaning could actually be a quick way to spread germs.

The news provider suggests using a dishwasher whenever possible to make sure the coffee cups are cleaned without further contamination.

Time Magazine reports there are a lot of spots in the office kitchen that could use the attention of professional cleaning crews, including sink faucets, appliance handles and vending machine buttons. Having a cleaning crew come in to disinfect on a regular basis could help the spread of germs, keeping your employees happy and healthy.

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