Make workplace cleanliness an employee concern

Keep cleaning a priority for both the professionals and your employees.

Keep cleaning a priority for both the professionals and your employees.

Do you instill a culture of cleanliness in the workplace? It goes beyond bringing in a professional crew with cleaning carts, although that should be done on a regular basis to reduce the amount of bacteria in the air. You want to make sure that your employees take cleaning seriously, as it can show respect for their fellow coworkers.

According to Forbes, 57 percent of employees admit they’ve judged a coworker based on their messiness. The news provider suggests coming up with limits for storage. For example, once a bookshelf is completely filled, give a book away. This can also be done with the containers in the kitchen. By creating a replacement system, clutter can be kept under control.

Monster suggests management also schedule cleanup days which gives employees a couple of days a year to go through the entire office and do a deep clean. This means getting rid of any items that may no longer have use or even taking the time to deep clean the surfaces. The source also suggests encouraging employees to think about safety, and if they have a particularly cluttered workspace, that it is not creating a hazard for themselves, their coworkers or the building.

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