Think about health when cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning can benefit your staff.

Eco-friendly cleaning can benefit your staff.

When trying to keep the building clean, many professional crews rely on a number of products on their cleaning carts to not only polish surfaces, but also stop bacteria in its tracks. However, some chemicals could be harsher than others, putting both the cleaning crew and every day staff at risk when inhaling fumes.

You may want to think about environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are still appropriate for professional use but won’t impact the ecosystem. The Guardian reports that using some of the harsher cleaning products, such as bleach, could increase one’s chances of developing certain medical conditions.

Not only could using eco-friendly cleaning products benefit health, they could also save you money. According to iSustainable Earth, products that claim to go green can be less expensive than ones with harsher chemicals. You just need to do your research and determine which ones are effective in stopping germs in their tracks. Ask your cleaning crews for their professional opinions on what works for both cleaning and bacteria prevention and see if there is something you can do to make your cleaning products more eco-friendly. You could also ask your crews to make their own cleaning solutions with the likes of lemons and vinegar, which are known cleaning products.

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