Be sure you’re using your mop to its potential

Are you keeping the mop sanitary?

Are you keeping the mop sanitary?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to cleaning. Preferring certain brands or methods can be common, but many organizations will typically leave it up to professionals with cleaning carts to take care of a building’s maintenance needs. However, if you’re a building manager and have heard some common misconceptions about cleaning, you’re not alone.

According to, one of the common cleaning myths is that mops just simply move dirt around and don’t actually address the problem. However, the news provider reports investing in a high-quality mop with microfibers can help ensure the dirt clings on, removing grime from the floor. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the mop after each use and have a bucket for dirty water and one with cleaner in it.

In addition to taking care of the floors with the mop, you need to keep up with regular mop maintenance to keep it lasting longer. The Spruce reports after each mop use, you want to thoroughly rinse it out and then allow it to fully dry before you put it back into storage. This can help prevent bacteria from growing on the mop head. Try to store it outdoors if it’s possible, as this can speed up the process.

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