Keep a clean office for mental and physical health

Cleaning benefits your employees in a number of ways.

Cleaning benefits your employees in a number of ways.

You spend a lot of your life in an office, so you want to make sure you’re feeling comfortable every time you take a seat at your desk. You may not realize it, but if you don’t have a crew of professionals coming in every so often with cleaning carts and organizing the workplace, it could affect your productivity.

Shape reports that an organized workspace is linked to higher productivity. Because you’re spending less time searching for things you need to get the job done, you’re more likely to be efficient while staying on task. However, the source is quick to point out that it can depend on the personality. For example, if you’re a creative worker and like to have a lot of personal items on your desk, then cleaning it too much might do more harm than good.

However, a clean office can also benefit employee health. Bangor Daily News reports a cleaner working environment can ultimately lead to a healthier life, because it helps reduce the chances of spreading bacteria with dirty surfaces. Just make sure your cleaning crew has the right disinfectants to stop germs in their tracks and also cleanup spills that occur in highly trafficked areas such as the kitchen.

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