A busy school year doesn’t have to mean dirty floors

Stay up on cleaning the floors.

Stay up on cleaning the floors.

The school year brings a lot of hustle and bustle to the hallway, and while you may have cleaning crews that come through every night to take care of routine cleanup, general foot traffic can create a problem on the floors.

Whether your school has tile or carpet, the floors should be in as pristine condition as possible to keep the entire building looking fresh. However, with every break in between classes, this can become harder to achieve. According to American School & University Magazine, the fall is particularly difficult to maintain floors because students are frequently tracking in leaves and dirt on the bottoms of their shoes. The news provider reports even the strongest janitorial staffs can find challenges with keeping the floors up for appearances.

The news provider reports you should have multiple cleaners on the cleaning carts, because schools frequently don’t have the same flooring throughout. Some rooms could have wood, while others have carpet or tile. You need to be able to address these issues.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, schools are healthier when they’re kept clean. This helps reduce the spread of debris and germs, so it’s important that cleaning crews are addressing the issue as best they can in an efficient manner.

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