Keep a clean restaurant to keep customers coming back

Be careful when cleaning your restaurant.

Be careful when cleaning your restaurant.

A clean restaurant can not only be what sets you apart from competitors, it can also bring in customer confidence. Taking the time each night to take the cleaning cart around and go over every surface area is critical to making a good presentation in your eatery. However, you’ll want to be cleaning throughout the day to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed during your closeout.

According to All Food Business, you should ask all employees to take ownership of their workspace, making sure they’re cleaning throughout their shifts so they’re not overwhelming the closing crew. This means that any servers should be responsible for their own sections, hosts should be in charge of the seating area and the kitchen staff designating cleaning responsibilities for specific areas.

Additionally, the National Restaurant Association suggests taking stock of what’s on the cleaning cart every so often. You need to make sure that you’re using products that won’t put customers or employees in danger if they’re using them near food or in the kitchen. Be sure to read all of the manufacturer’s instructions and take note of any warning labels about potentially hazardous chemicals. This will help ensure that everyone is safe, even while you’re trying to clean your restaurant.

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