How often should a cleaning crew come in

Is the cleaning crew coming too frequently?

Is the cleaning crew coming too frequently?

You may be trying to consolidate on costs and see how frequently it makes sense to bring in a crew with cleaning carts to take care of office clutter. While some things, like cleaning up cubicles and organizing supply closets, can be left up to employees, other to-dos are best left to the professionals.

According to Good Housekeeping, there are some cleanup chores that should be left to a daily basis while others can stand to wait until professionals can come in. For starters, the coffee pot should be cleaned on a daily basis, and it could make sense to instate a rule that whoever is the last to use it for the day is the one in charge of cleaning.

However, something that can be left to a professional crew, like vacuuming or cleaning light fixtures, can be completed on a monthly basis. This way, you don’t need to feel as though you need to bring a crew in every day if you’re looking to reduce overall maintenance costs.

If you have tile floors in your office space, the Spruce recommends having them mopped once a week, particularly in high-traffic areas to keep from them from getting slippery or having buildup. When there’s a lot of foot traffic, it can be easy to get dirty quickly.

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