Keep the office clean for healthy employees

Stop germs in their tracks.

Stop germs in their tracks.

Working in a shared office space can typically lead to a lot of spread germs. Not only is it easier for bacteria to grow in heavily trafficked areas, but individuals combatting allergies may be at risk due to certain particles in the air and other environmental effects. However, being very stringent about sending in crews with cleaning carts can make a difference in protecting people from germs.

Women’s Health Magazine reports that while heavily trafficked areas are important to keep clean, it should not discount the attention that’s paid to an employee’s cubicle. The source suggests that a worker’s personal area is actually the germiest part of the office, and they’re continually touching surfaces all day that could be spreading germs. The news provider suggests in addition to having cleaning crews come through on a regular basis to clean surfaces, you should keep wipes around so employees can wipe down their cubicles on a regular basis to stop germs in their tracks.

U.S. News & World Report also suggests looking at the break room, as it’s heavily trafficked and people are frequently touching the same surface areas, such as coffee pot handles, microwave buttons and refrigerator doors. This can help stop germs from spreading where people eat.

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