Try natural cleaning solutions to save money, help the environment

Natural remedies can be cost effective and beneficial.

Natural remedies can be cost effective and beneficial.

If you want to save on cleaning products but still want to make sure your office is looking spick and span, there are plenty of natural remedies that aren’t costly and are not too harsh on the environment.

According to the Citizen Tribune, keeping vinegar on your cleaning cart is a smart decision, because it not only can help clean surfaces, but it can also kill bacteria that lingers below the surface. Not only are you helping to clean your surfaces, but you’re also making for a healthier work environment when you use vinegar. Not only is vinegar good for surfaces, but the news provider reports you may want to consider using it in the building’s bathrooms, as it can destroy the buildup typically seen on faucets and counters.

Have a rust issue in your building? Real Simple reports that lemon juice has an acidity that can remove rust stains from a surface. The news provider suggests mixing lemon juice with salt, because it can create a paste that makes scouring easier. The news provider reports that this is especially helpful on facets and on tile grout, simply use a toothbrush to scrub the hard to reach areas. These natural remedies can save on your cleaning bills in the long run.

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