Take spring cleaning to a deep level with hard to reach areas

Clean in hard to reach places.

Clean in hard to reach places.

When doing spring cleaning in your building, you may not realize exactly how much effort you should be putting into the task at hand. While it’s common for crews with cleaning carts to get the bigger surfaces, like ceilings, floors, countertops and tables, you may not realize exactly how much buildup can occur in hard to reach places.

According to the Times Herald, you may not realize that some of your systems need a good cleaning. Think about the heating and cooling systems – if you have an outdoor A/C unit, make sure that there aren’t any pieces of nature clogging up the vent, which could affect airflow.

The news provider also suggests taking a look at the water flow in the faucet, since the aerator can get buildup, which causes flow to stop altogether. If a problem has persisted for too long, the source reports you may need pliers to remove the aerator and properly clean it.

In addition to doing a deep clean, use spring cleaning as an opportunity to fix any nicks. According to Houzz, take the time to inspect walls and see if there are any significant marks. If they don’t come off with a cloth, use paint to touch it up.

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