Keep up with the latest building maintenance trends

Are you up on maintenance?

Are you up on maintenance?

Building maintenance is a top priority for any manager, as they look to keep the structure intact and all equipment and other operational needs running. By letting maintenance fall behind, it could not only be costly for the building manager to fix the problem, but in some cases it could be beyond repair. It takes more than having a crew with cleaning carts doing a once-over, you should make sure that your building inspection team has the experience necessary to spot any easy-to-miss issues that could be piling up. However, there are innovations happening to make the job easier.

According to Westchester Magazine, more building managers are looking into sustainable solutions in their buildings that not only help the environment, but also keep things clean without the harshest chemicals. This can keep things from breaking down and wearing quicker. Additionally, the source reports that there have also been improvements to lighting that keeps bulbs burning without wasting as much energy.

Facility Executive reports preventative maintenance can also help. Don’t just think about the building’s interior. The exterior structure and the roof can face major, costly problems. By addressing issues before they become too big, preventative maintenance can save both time and money in the long run.

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