Now’s the time to spring clean your office

Have you set aside time for spring cleaning?

Have you set aside time for spring cleaning?

Now that spring is in full swing, have you had your building maintenance crew load up the cleaning carts and spruce up some things you may have missed during the dark winter months? It’s important to make spring cleaning a priority, but it’s all about finding the time to do it. The task doesn’t have to be overbearing if you approach it in an incremental stage.

According to CBS Chicago, you’ll first want to focus on common rooms. Because germs can be prevalent during the winter season, the news provider reports that a deep clean can help get rid of any lingering bacteria that may have been spread. This can keep productivity levels up as workers have less of a chance of making each other sick. Also consider keeping disinfecting wipes around heavily trafficked areas, such as kitchens and break rooms, so people can work together to stop germs in their tracks.

Forbes suggests another way to tackle cleaning on an incremental basis is to divide the office setting into different zones. By setting aside specific areas to do certain tasks, whether it’s holding meetings or having downtime, making the office space more of a community can help spread any clutter that may have been building up.

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