Staying on top of routine maintenance is advantageous

How often do you perform equipment maintenance?

How often do you perform equipment maintenance?

How often are you taking material handling carts around filled with equipment and tending to machinery? Routine maintenance can help save you a lot of money in the long run, because it helps extend machinery life and can help prevent a problem from becoming so severe that it’s too costly. However, you need to have a strong plan in place in order to ensure that people are keeping up with the maintenance routine and focusing on the right things.

According to Fleet Equipment Magazine, even if you aren’t the best about routine maintenance, the number one mistake you can’t make is trying to stretch your resources. For example, if you see the tires are starting to go on certain pieces of equipment, replace them as soon as you see the problem. Trying to get more wear out of them will only worsen the situation and could have you paying major repair costs.

There is also timing involved in routine maintenance. Science Direct suggests working routine maintenance into a product cycle, so you know exactly when is the best time within your production to make any adjustments, rather than delaying the supply chain. This can help your operation run smoothly and improve production by preventing any issues.

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