Take spring cleaning to the next level with a spring maintenance plan

Are you using the spring for maintenance?

Are you using the spring for maintenance?

Now that it’s the spring, many people take the opportunity to clean some of the buildup that occurred during the winter. For one, the extra daylight draws attention to any excess dust or cracks that have gone unnoticed during the colder, darker months. But did you know you can take the spring cleaning approach to your building maintenance?

According to Buildings, the spring is the perfect time to catch up on some maintenance you may have been neglecting for the past few months. Grab your maintenance crew, load up material carts filled with supplies and get to work. The news provider suggests doing a walkthrough during the season to see if you catch any cracks, breaks or fading that may have occurred over the past few months. Making these adjustments is easy, and can be handled simply by your maintenance crew.

It’s not just the interior of the building you need to be thinking about in the spring. Facilities Net reports this season is the best time to conduct roofing maintenance due to the lack of severe weather. This also allows building crews to survey the damage that may have been done during the winter months if the weather was particularly bad.

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