Manual inventory control is important in business

Are you doing manual counts of inventory?

Are you doing manual counts of inventory?

Proper inventory control is critical to a business’s success. Warehouse managers should know exactly what’s coming in on material handling carts and should be able to determine exactly where stock is in order to fulfill orders quickly.

According to Business 2 Community, it’s critical for businesses to know what to keep in stock rooms and other areas where inventory is easy to access to fulfill customer orders quickly. Additionally, for businesses that have multiple brick and mortar locations, it may be worth it to redistribute inventory to different locations if it’s not selling in one particular store. Different markets can mean different demand.

The news provider also suggests keeping track of inventory by doing frequent counts in both the stockroom and the warehouse. Technology can help identify exactly how much of each item should be in stock, but manual counts can be helpful in ensuring the numbers match up.

The Small Business Chronicle also suggests doing a manual count of how many of each item has been sold. This way, inventory managers are able to get a clear picture as to where each inventory item is located, which can be pretty hard to manage on a store by store basis and additional warehouse.

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