Don’t let time waste in the warehouse

Reduce the amount of inventory trips you have to take.

Reduce the amount of inventory trips you have to take.

You need material handling carts to move inventory at an efficient pace. Not only can this equipment reduce the chance of injury on the workforce, it can also help move inventory more quickly. You may not realize exactly how much you can save in cost when you speed up the processes of your warehouse.

According to Manufacturing Business Technology, time is one of the hidden costs associated with the warehouse. The news provider reports that after labor, time is the most expensive variable cost in managing a warehouse. This is because the time it takes to properly sort and place the inventory can eat up into resources. In order to combat this, warehouse managers should research on average how long it takes to move inventory and then work to make it more efficient by adding more equipment to reduce number of trips needed.

Digitalist Mag reports that to start off on the right foot, put extra attention on the receiving aspect to make sure all inventory is properly inspected, labeled and put away. This can reduce the amount of confusion of looking for an item when it is put away in the wrong location, potentially leading to wasted time and a lost sale if the order cannot be fulfilled.

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