Cleaning up for back to school

Janitors are starting to prep for the arrival of students.

Janitors are starting to prep for the arrival of students.

The summer is coming to a close and the janitorial crews are loading up the cleaning carts and beginning to roam through the hallways to get ready for arriving students. Not only are buildings not as maintained during the summer months, but janitorial staff will want to do a deep clean to try and get a head start on keeping germs from spreading. With so many kids in a room, it can be easy to pass things around.

According to Buildings, deep cleaning should take place in five major areas before the start of school: the bathrooms, flooring, windows and lights, HVAC systems, and the gym and adjoining locker rooms. The news provider reports that these areas can not only show the most dirt and grime, but bacteria tends to linger as well, which could lead to more illnesses in the new year.

It’s not just focusing on cleaning surface areas, the staff will want to take a look at the actual chemicals they are using as well. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that harsher chemicals can lead to health problems, and while they may eradicate the bacteria, it is better to look for green products that also get the job done. Additionally, using energy efficient cleaning tools can help save on the electric bill.

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