Keep clean to stay productive

Cleaning should be a priority for everyone.

Cleaning should be a priority for everyone.

Getting cleaning crews into the office is imperative for improving productivity. In addition to bringing in cleaning carts filled with tools, organization is important as well. Employees can frequently waste a lot of time looking for things around their desk that they might be able to find with just a little organizational help.

According to, employees could find that they lose hours of productivity a week as they struggle to get in the zone and also have difficulty finding things around their workspace at a reasonable pace. The news provider suggests disorganization can actually have a negative impact on one’s brain because they have a harder time focusing on one particular thing. For people who are already easily distracted, this can hamper their workflow even more.

In addition to having the cleaning crews pick up around the office, workers should have a hand in staying organized. Entrepreneur suggests that sifting through extra papers isn’t good for anyone’s productivity, and employees should try to reduce their clutter as much as possible. Filing systems work great, not only in email folders, but also on the desk. By reducing the amount of papers in one’s workspace and properly labeling everything, it can be much easier to find something in a pinch.

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