Practice proper carpet care

Do you know how to properly clean a carpet?

Do you know how to properly clean a carpet?

Does your cleaning crew know how to take good care of your carpets? Flooring is important in any office, and some building managers may choose to add carpet for a little added texture and décor purposes. However, it’s important to make sure the cleaning crew on hand has an understanding of what kind of care the carpet needs.

According to Money Control, having a cleaning schedule for a carpet is important, because it can keep it looking fresh and new for much longer. In a busy office, it’s easy for carpets to get worn and dirty quickly. The news provider recommends knowing the material of the carpet, as this can help determine whether simple soap and water will get the job done, or if you need a heavy duty shampoo. Additionally, the news provider recommends drying the carpet completely, or it could have an odor.

However, spills do happen even when the cleaners aren’t scheduled, so it’s important everyone in the office knows general care tips. Popular Mechanics suggests blotting a stain on a carpet, not rubbing it in, because it will help absorb the stain. If everyone follows proper carpet care, then there is a greater chance it will keep looking new for years to come.

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