Get a system in place when cleaning

Don't let cleaning feel overwhelming.

Don’t let cleaning feel overwhelming.

Cleaning an office can feel overwhelming for the crew, particularly if it’s a busy workspace with a lot of employees. Having a system in place can help make cleaning seem less overwhelming all around. By always having cleaning cloths, solutions and supply refills on the cart, the janitorial staff can get a system in place and work quickly by the time everyone leaves for the night.

It can matter where you start cleaning, according to News Press Now. The news provider recommends starting from the top and cleaning any dust or cobwebs and working your way down the room. The methodology is simple, everything will fall to the floor anyway, so it makes sense that the surface is the last one cleaned. Taking this approach on a room-by-room basis can help the job move along quicker.

There are other things employees can do on their own time around the office that will keep it in order. Forbes suggests only keeping all necessities within arm’s length and packing the rest away. This means any extra supplies are put into storage. Not only can this help reduce clutter, but it will make things easier to clean for the janitorial crew, as they’ll spend less time moving things around in order to get to the desk and table surfaces.

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