Utility companies increase personalization with apps

Customers are using apps to improve their utilities services.

Customers are using apps to improve their utilities services.

Need someone to show up with a utility cart and get to work on your vents? How about installing energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the entire office floor? People have a lot of needs when it comes to utilities, and as customers are looking for more of a personal approach, companies are taking notice.

According to Utility Dive, more utility companies are exploring the world of mobile apps in order to give customers more power. In an increasingly energy efficient world, individuals are paying attention to their energy usage in order to reduce their overall consumption, reducing their carbon footprint as well as saving money.

However, the news provider points out the power of customer knowledge is important for utility companies as well. If customers are in-the-know and engaged with making utility decisions, than companies can benefit from a more strategic grid operation, leading to overall efficiency.

Additionally, utility apps are beneficial to the company and customer in billing, according to WiPro. By making collections as simple as possible with simply a click, utility companies can ensure that they’re being paid on time, while customers know what they owe each month and can plan accordingly. This can also drive customers to make better energy consumption choices to save money.

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