Airport hotels get a boost in luxury

Have you noticed the luxury trend?

Have you noticed the luxury trend?

Hotel stays come with the territory of any kind of travel, but many like to splurge for the luxury spots knowing that people with cleaning carts are always coming through, the service is unmatched and that there are many amenities that can’t be replicated at home.

However, when people think of luxury hotels, very few think of the airport. Bloomberg Business reports that’s about to change. According to the news provider, a post-recession boom in the travel industry has led to hotel chains choosing to open luxury accommodations at the airports of major hubs. These places won’t just be a place to wait for a delayed flight. The source reports they’ll offer amenities like conference rooms for business travelers, spas and hip restaurants that will be steps above what can typically be found in airports.

According to FCM Travel Solutions, the transformation of the airport hotels has been a growing trend for the past decade. This is a way for travelers to still enjoy the luxuries of a getaway but also have the convenience of being near the airport.

Airport hotel managers should make sure that they have enough cleaning carts on hand to deal with increased traffic. If a flight is ever delayed or canceled, people would opt to have a luxury experience, leading to an influx in unexpected traffic.

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