Utility companies try and secure more money through fees

Could you still be paying for energy despite cutbacks?

Could you still be paying for energy despite cutbacks?

Building managers work to keep costs low in an effort to keep operations running smoothly. Before they have any professionals arrive with their utility carts to set the thermostat or install any new equipment, the smart building manager will do his or her homework on energy-saving practices. This can help reduce overall costs in the long run. However, the utility companies are finding that it’s increasingly becoming a trend, and they’re looking to make money by any means possible.

The Wall Street Journal reports conservation has led utility companies to come up with new fees in an effort to bring in revenue. The news provider states that more companies are choosing to move from a fixed cost price to monthly fees, so they can continue to charge customers regardless of electricity use. This has led to customers looking for alternative means of energy, such as solar power.

The move toward more fees is not sitting well with customers. According to the Energy Times, having fixed fees has some feeling disempowered to make their own utility choices. If customers are trying to save money by being conservative with their energy usage, then the excess fees may bring on more frustration. The news provider also reports energy groups are concerned that this may dissuade people from making investments in other energy practices.

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