Make your office more about the employees

Can carts make the office more portable?

Can carts make the office more portable?

The design of your office can pave a big way for company culture. Employees who have to go to the office day in and day out may grow frustrated by mundane decoration and boring cubicles. Instead, it may be smart to model your office after something other than a workplace.

Entrepreneur reports it’s all about personality, and managers are increasingly trying to evoke the feelings of home. This means, keep the office clean and free of clutter. Take supply carts and gather all of the work supplies and put them in common areas. Allow your employees to express themselves in the design process of their space.

The news provider reports creating flexible work areas, which allow people to move about the office and set up their portable workstations wherever they please – think standing desks, meeting areas and even outdoors if there is WiFi.

Not the same design will work for all employees, which is why it is important to give them options. According to Inc, 80 percent of employees said that the design of an office plays into the culture, yet less than a third of business owners give their workers options of where to work. Offering both a stationary workspace as well as the ability to make work portable can go a long way in meeting the variety of needs from a staff perspective.

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