Looking past the initial price of alternative energy

Will your utility maintenance change?

Will your utility maintenance change?

Company managers are increasingly asking their building crews to come in with their utility carts and come up with new ways to save money on energy usage and reduce a business’s carbon footprint. There are numerous avenues for clean energy, but some companies may be offset by what they perceive to be the initial cost of setting up new sources of energy use.

One energy method that has been gaining a lot of traction but still provides sticker shock to managers is solar. However, Clean Technica reports that the look of the price could be a deceiving way to cause doubt in savings. The news provider reports that original calculations for the cost of solar energy include a system integration component, but this cost actually increases the initial cost of solar by 45%. The news provider claims that this cost is problematic, and when cut out of the equation it paints a different picture.

This all comes as traditional utilities face an uphill battle with new companies promoting alternative energies. According to Forbes, traditional energy revenue is forecasted to fall by as much as 15 percent over the next 10 years. This is in part due to the shrinking monopolies of the current players and the new competition breaking in.

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