Corporate utilities change up with environmental trends

How are office utilities changing?

How are office utilities changing?

Utilities remain a major expense for most corporations, which has led to managers choosing to install energy-efficient materials in order to reduce consumption. However, there is still a battle going in terms of keeping utility prices low. As a result, skilled workers are brought in with their utility carts in order to see what can be done to improve utility cost. This can include setting timers, using energy-efficient lightbulbs and setting the thermostat at a specific temperature.

However, some companies are taking different approaches. According to Utility Dive, more large corporations are investing in wind technologies, which has taken away market share from the utilities industry. According to the news provider, wind installations increased by 400% between 2013 and 2014. Major businesses like Facebook, Ikea and Google have invested in major contracts for wind. The news provider reports that part of the draw is that it protects companies against fluctuating fuel prices.

It’s not just wind. Environmental Leader reports that renewable energy projects are on the increase, with solar and wind being major drivers. As companies continue to focus on the environment, as well as control their utility expenses, it will be interesting to see what happens with energy projects in the coming years.

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