Preparing for the question portion of the presentation

Don't forget to think about the questions your audience will ask.

Don’t forget to think about the questions your audience will ask.

You’ve done all the preparation you can. You checked the audio visual cart, tested the room’s lighting and sat at different vantage points to ensure that your presentation could be seen from wherever someone was sitting in the room. But are you prepared to answer your audience’s questions?

Similar to an interview, you want to be able to prepare for a presentation as much as possible. You have to anticipate any queries someone may have and be ready to offer more insight. According to the Huffington Post, never flat out say “I don’t know,” even if you’re completely stumped. Instead, you can admit that you’re curious but then let the person know that you’ll follow-up and get them the answers they’re looking for.

The news provider reports you need to be as upfront as possible if you don’t know something, as just making up an answer could hurt your career in the long run. CBS News reports that presentations often lack full clarity regarding how the information is presented. This can cause the audience to be confused as to what the presentation is really about. You’ll want to make sure you answer these questions early and during the speech, so you can avoid some unnecessary questions at the end.

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