Use flat shelf carts to do some spring cleaning

A cart can be your partner in organization.

A cart can be your partner in organization.

It’s officially spring. You know what that means – time for spring cleaning. Your office needs to be an organized area so you can stay as productive as possible. Grab some flat shelf carts and get to work. You’ll need to set aside an entire afternoon to make sure you’re ready to take on the job.

According to Farm Futures, you can take some quick steps to make sure you’re as organized as possible. Take your flat shelf cart and add a filing rack. This is a great time to go through all of your papers and toss anything you don’t need. File any like items – think expenses, reports and other similar paperwork – together and label appropriately.

Labeling things on your desk is also critical in staying productive. If you’re constantly looking for things around the office, you’ll spend less time doing your day-to-day routine and more time focused on trying to track down items.

According to Smead, if you are unable to keep your current office in order, you may find projects suddenly falling behind as you struggle to find things. This can lead to interruptions in your workflow, making it harder to get back to the task at hand. Stay on top of your game and get to sorting this season.

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