Are you making your audience the star in your presentation

Does your audience understand your presentation?

Does your audience understand your presentation?

Are you taking your audience into account when you’re giving a presentation? You’ll want to make sure your audio visual cart is working and that people can properly see your presentation. Visuals are so important, and if the group doesn’t understand what you’re talking about, the message could get lost.

According to Fast Company, you want to make the audience feel as though they are center stage in the presentation. Stop making the talk about you, but rather about the audience. Think about the learning curve of the presentation and whether or not you need to spend a lot of time on certain aspects.

You’ll also want clear messaging. Make sure your voice is on point and you aren’t speaking too quickly or distracting with hand movements. Really convey your ideas, but be sure that you don’t have too many confusing aspects, such as data.

Training Mag reports that you should do as much research as possible before you present. This means knowing as much as possible about your audience, so you can better tailor your speech to fit their level of understanding and interest. This can give you a better idea of what their needs are by attending this presentation, so you can make it the most valuable.

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