An audio visual cart can bring speeches to life

Visual carts are a great tool when giving presentations.

Visual carts are a great tool when giving presentations.

Whenever you give a presentation at work, do you look to see how engaged the audience is? Are people on their portable devices, taking notes or daydreaming? It may not be the content you’re delivering, but the way you’re presenting it. Audio visual carts allow lecturers to bring their presentations to life. Adding visuals goes beyond creating bulleted lists. Instead, you want your visuals to be eye-catching so you can hold the attention of everyone in the room.

Visually reports one of the biggest mistakes presenters can make is simply reading off their PowerPoint. You want to be able to speak the words you want to say, leave your slides for the visual aspect. Think graphs, pictures and other illustrations that can people visualize exactly what you’re saying. This will keep their eyes focused on the presentation and increase their chances of listening to you to provide a narrative.

Mind Tools reports that simpler is better, and you want to leave designs clean on each slide. Space out each slide to focus on about one visual each, so the audience does not get confused by too much clutter. Test out your audio visual cart beforehand and sit at the far side of the room. This can help you determine whether or not you need to adjust any sizes so everyone can see.

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