Controlling your presentations to impress your audience

Keep your visuals and audio in mind before you present.

Keep your visuals and audio in mind before you present.

Are you worried about how your presentation will be portrayed when shown on an audio/visual cart? You aren’t alone – giving presentations is a major pain point for people. What matters most is that you prepare. Check your audio visual carts early to make sure all of your content is there and the get to work on fine-turning.

According to Business 2 Community, you do not want to overload your slides with information. This can lose the attention of your audience and make your slides look confusing. Instead, focus on the key points and speak to them verbally. Be clear about everything you’re going to present by having an agenda slide before you dive into the meat of the content. This is separate from the key takeaways slide, which should reiterate at the end everything you have just covered.

Harvard Business Review also suggests using videos whenever possible, as long as they’re short. You’ll want to test out the sound on your audio visual cart to make sure whatever clips you are showing are clear and engaging. The volume should not be overwhelming to the audience, but not faint either. Consider playing the video on the cart beforehand and moving around the room to make sure all of the sounds are correct from different vantage points.

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