Taking the time to test out your presentation

Test out your presentation before you give it.

Test out your presentation before you give it.

Trying to race to finish your presentation on time? You might be able to turn it in before the deadline, but what about running through it before your present it to your audience? This doesn’t mean simply looking at notecards. Set up your audio visual carts ahead of time to ensure that they’re working properly. Next, get into the meat of the presentation.

According to Forbes, you want to try and rehearse your slides while they’re in presentation mode. How slides look in preview can differ from when you’re working on them in the file directly, so you want to make sure all of your formatting looks okay. The news source reports this also gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what the audience is seeing as you are presenting.

The colors you are using your slides may differ from your computer and when they are projected through the audio visual cart, so you will want to make sure to do any necessary adjustments. According to PC Advisor, when choosing a background theme, make sure the font and colors mimic it in order to give off a professional vibe. Choose colors that will engage the audience, but not be too distracting. Your audio visual cart test drive will help you determine if the color is right.

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