Give a flawless presentation with practice

Before that big presentation, check yourself and your equipment.

Before that big presentation, check yourself and your equipment.

They say practice makes perfect, but are you getting in the way of your own presentation? It’s important to run through the presentation before you actually give it, so you can get timing down, think about what questions may be asked and ensure you’re covering all of your main points.

But what happens when the actual presentation does not go according to plan? The Huffington Post reports that relying too much on slides or what is in your head without practicing can ultimately hinder your presentation. Additionally, the news source points out that if you have too much text on a slide, it can be distracting to you and the audience.

The presentation can sound very different in your head than it does out loud, which is why the news provider suggests taking to the time to go through and practice your dialogue. In some cases, you may be thinking slower than you speak, causing extra time you hadn’t allotted for.

Be sure to test all of your presentation equipment beforehand. Audio visual carts are a great asset, but you need to be comfortable using them. Forbes suggests taking the time to test your audio and video, as well as projecting the presentation and moving about the room to see if there are any blocks. You want to make sure everyone is able to see your points clearly.

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