Have the presentation tools such as audio visual carts? Now you just need to sell it

Have you made sure your equipment is in working order?

Have you made sure your equipment is in working order?

Wheeling in your audio visual carts can give you a slight sense of panic right before you present. Even seasoned presenters can get nervous from time to time, depending on their audience. It’s important that before you present, you make sure all of your equipment is in working order. That means checking your audio visual cart to make sure the sound is accurate, testing the projector and ensuring that the clicker moves the slides on command.

Next, you want to perfect your skills. According to Entrepreneur, you want to be able to fake confidence, even if you aren’t feeling it. You also want to look at everyone directly, picking out an audience member every so often to make eye contact with. This can hold their attention and better get your point across. Plus, this can help with your confidence.

You want to offer little anecdotes throughout the presentation to make sure your audience stays hooked, and this can also offer some entertainment.

Throughout, Inc. repots you want to stick to about three main points. If you’re trying to make too many conclusions, your audience could get confused. By going back to the same points, you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression. Doing your homework ahead of time can make for a great presentation.

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