Keeping allergies out of the home

This season can really affect a person’s allergies. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who is easily bothered by the changing seasons and growing humidity, you may be experiencing a bad season. However, there are cleaning tips you can do in order to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible when it comes to fighting off these bothersome airborne particles.

According to the Philadelphia Sun, you want to pay attention to the kind of cleaning solutions you’re using, as some of the liquids can actually make allergies worse if they have strong chemicals. This is why you’ll want to use cleaners with less harsh chemicals, perhaps either making your own cleaning solution. However, you want to use the proper cleaning cloths in order to make sure that you’re able to properly clean surfaces.

Additionally, the news provider suggests using a moist cleaning cloth in order to dust, rather than simply a feather duster or a similar tool, as this can push dust around but not remove it, which could affect allergen sufferers.

One of the places that should be your sanctuary is the bedroom, as having to suffer from allergies while trying to sleep can be a nightmare. According to Mother Nature Network, it’s better to have hardwood flooring, as this can help reduce the risk of allergens. However, shampooing your rugs can also help keep you allergen-free.

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