Audio Visual Carts can help with your presentation fillers may not!

Do you seem prepared?

Do you seem prepared?

You roll in the audio visual cart, you’re ready for the presentation, all of your colleagues are gathered around the meeting room. Think you’re prepared? Not if you’re using certain fillers. You could have a very visually engaging presentation, filled with specific metrics that will help you drive the point home. On the other hand, if you’re not articulating the same confidence, this could spell trouble for your presentation.

According to the International Business Times, people who use filler language such as “um,” “you know” and “like” can be viewed as more unprepared in a presentation, or that they’re nervous. You could have the best audio visual equipment on hand but still look as though you have thrown the presentation together in 20 minutes.

However, there are ways to work around it. According to Hubspot, you don’t want to stand in just one place while giving the presentation. Instead, move around and look really engaging. Be sure to make eye contact with different people in the room. Do your best not to read from note cards, as this again will give you the look of not being prepared. Also, be sure to take some pauses in between to let everything sink in to the audience, it can also serve as breathing room.

With that, you’ll be able to look more confident and make your presentation memorable.

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