Cleaners answer their challenges within the industry

Cleaners experience a number of challenges on the job.

Cleaners experience a number of challenges on the job.

Businesses frequently outsource cleaning services in order to keep their facilities in top shape. When employees are frequently making messes and causing clutter, it’s important to bring in a staff who can help keep things disinfected and organized. But while it may be a team’s job to bring in the mop carts and get to work, that doesn’t mean they’re not faced with their own cleaning issues.

According to Today’s Facility Manager, a recent study by P&G Professional reports that the leading cause of cleaning service worry is customer dissatisfaction, which is why many teams’ goals include making improvements to their efficiencies.

Additionally, the survey indicated that despite their experience, cleaners frequently struggle with keeping the bathrooms clean, as they are the most difficult to sterilize. However, they felt the area that was most important to clean was where the main traffic areas are.

In addition to some of the challenges presented in the survey, professional cleaners may have other issues to deal with. According to research published in the Ergonomics Open Journal, professional cleaners typically experience stress to the body due to the postures they need to use on the job. This further increases the importance of stretching and taking care of the body when on the job and after.

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